Turkish Clarinet by GÖKHAN ARSLAN

Gökhan Arslan

Turkish Clarinet

Turkish court music has a wide and variegated system of musical scales and modes called makams, as well as other laws of composition. The music is taught in conservatories, art schools and social clubs in Turkey and in Europe. The clarinet itself joined the variety of Turkish instruments already in the beginning of the 19th Century and the instrument has been used in both Folk and Ottoman classical music. For more than hundred years Turkish clarinet style and its clarinet virtuosos has been taking an important place in the eastern oriented music. Some of the clarinetists are still leading and became a phenomenon in that music direction and still inspiring many fusion bands nowadays. Listening some of them today is like hearing a flamenco singer performing in siguiriyas style.

Gökhan Arslan is inviting clarinet players to share his musical experiences with a focus on the tools of rhythmical improvisation, listening and analyzing recordings, playing modal melodies, as well as learning microtonal fingerings and embouchure.

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